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                                 GORE VIDAL'S - THE BEST MAN

A Political Satire set at a fictional 1960 Presidential nominating convention in Philadelphia complete with backroom deal making, corrupting influence of television cameras, backstabbing battles for delegates and endorsements. Joseph Cantwell, the ambitious Populist senator will use any means to get the nomination, while Secretary of State William Russell, the Liberal intellectual struggles to maintain his principles. Each battling for the endorsement of the outgoing president, who enjoys playing one off against the other.  You will be able to cast your vote at intermission.

“Well-crafted and witty with surprises, reversals, pungent character sketches, satire, worldly wisdom and juicy roles for all concerned." —NY Magazine

 "Vidal's story is a corker! Suspenseful, funny, surprisingly fresh!" —Associated Press.


                                    WEST PALM PRIME

A World Premiere! A comedy set in a Florida retirement community – where the days are filled with  playing cards, bragging about the grandchildren, comparing ailments and eating early.  Can two people find love in the “prime” of their lives?   Especially if they’re in-laws?  – a funny, romantic and heartwarming story about love, vanquishing loneliness, finding friends,  and uncovering true feelings.  Come see which characters you recognize!