So I have sent out the Audition notices for THE BEST MAN, we have AGNES OF GOD ready to start rehearsals, and WEST PALM PRIME is ready for it's next reading at the end of the month.

Here we go.  Nervous, excited... and I already feel behind. But I always feel behind.   Raising money is always a task.  I wish I could just concentrate on the work, but you gotta do what you have to do, before you can do what you want to do.. a line from a movie I was watching the other night. 

Scheduling is going to be an issue this season.  This go around, the rehearsals overlap with the performances, so I have to be on top of that.  Still trying to get the structure down.  

Speaking of down... we should be able to cut our printing costs way down.  We bought our own printer and by printing our own programs and flyers we should be able to save a lot of $$.

And this is the first time we are trying a "Season Ticket".  Buy 1 ticket to each of the three plays and get a $10 discount.  

Now back to looking at scheduling.