Music influences my mood.  I can keep myself calm by listening to classical... Sixties and Seventies songs make me feel nostalgic....Words of love songs touch my heart and I soar or fall.

Because we are beginning production on the next three shows, I am listening for music to bring to each of the three shows.  When you watch a movie, you may not be aware that you are emotionally influenced by the score or by the theme song... but it's there.  Sometimes just sublimely.  

I went to the Phoenix Symphony the other night... they are concentrating on Leonard Bernstein music.  I love his stuff.  I heard a piece I was not familiar with and I immediately thought of THE BEST MAN.  It captures the frenetic constant movement of a Presidential Convention.  The tension, wanting to go faster, but you can't.  I sat bolt up right in my chair and thought WOW, I'll open the show with this and with convention clips, political TV Ads and let it segue into the opening scene.  It gives the audience a chance to feel like they are picking up in the middle of something happening rather than at the beginning.  

Can't wait to see what I get hit with next.