I finished sending all of the actors sides for the auditions for THE BEST MAN.  With every e-mail I sit there for a moment before I type and wonder who the person on the other side receiving the e-mail is.  The cursor blinks and I wonder if I should try to be funny, or go into business mode, of just be matter of fact.  

I get excited with each e-mail thinking.... THIS could turn out to be the perfect person for the cast. This could be someone that I may be meeting and get to know for the rest of my life.  This could be someone that will think I'm funny, or gusty, or pushy, or just "too much."  I'm sounding like Sally Fields... "like me, like me, like me."

So I sit, and watch the cursor blink, and then decide what I want my "first impression" to be.  We only get to make it once.  Yup, all those insecurities are rising to the surface....again.  Ah, show business.  Ah, life.