So Barbara and I spent 2 1/2 days getting our feet fully immersed in press releases, marketing, bank accounts, e-mail accounts, mailing lists, pdf files, vector files, merchandise, and lists. Lists, lists, lists, lists, lists... I think you get the picture.  

I am always amazed how much more time goes in behind the production to actually get the production on stage. We didn't even get to the production aspects of the show.   So the goal is to raise $40,000.  Ticket sales, donations, sponsorships. Everything just short of a car wash and bake sale.  Went to Surprise City Hall yesterday and dropped off our first yellow packet.  Sort of a "HI, this is us!  Like us, buy tickets, help us."  Yes, I know I need a better description for the packet. 

Barb did a great job organizing and putting the whole thing together.  What a work horse.  

So now with Auditions for The Best Man next week, and rehearsals for Agnes of God starting the following week... as the the expression goes... WE'RE BAAAAACK!  And boy am I happy about that!