Great theater moves an audience...It makes them FEEL.  But to get to that, an actor has to be willing to open themselves up to what the script has put on paper.  An Actor must get it off the page and make it three dimensional.  That's true whether it is comedy or drama.  and let me tell you, it isn't any easier to do THAT with comedy than it is to do it with a drama.  With comedy as soon as you get the first laugh in rehearsal, it's easy to "check the box" as "got that one done."  But try getting the laugh in the same place the second or third time... not so easy then. 

And with a dramatic piece, it brings in different objectives.  I mean come many times a night do you want to rip open your emotional life and spill it out trying to find what your character is feeling?  Good thing we are only doing one performance a day of AGNES OF GOD.  Not sure the three of us could take two shows a day. 

So... why do it??  To explore?  To grow?  To question?  To learn something new?  To stimulate conversation?  

John Pielmeier wrote this beautiful play exploring religion, faith, the mind, family dynamics.  The moments in our lives when we lose our innocence.  Questioning what and who we believe in.  All universal topics.  All connecting us as human beings to each other. 

I do it to find my humanity within myself.  It can be so easy to try to hide what we feel.  Or how deeply we feel things.  Much easier to have a drink, hide watching TV, or playing solitaire.  Don't have to talk to anyone that way... I mean REALLY talk to anyone.  Don't need to REALLY see what you are feeling.  If you did... you might have to DO something about those feelings.   So going to a play... you can watch others do something with those feelings.   Well... being the "other"  can be pretty raw at times.  Last night was one of those times. Enough said.