Here is my brain download of the am..... So I start the day by sending out e-mail blasts about the Compass Players season tickets... buy, buy, buy.  Then I go check traffic on the Compass Players site, then I check traffic on the FaceBook site - more people need to share the posts to their pages ... .  Breakfast or lunch meetings for The Best Man last week and this week.  A little time spent learning lines for Agnes of God -- more time figuring out the rehearsal schedule for the first two shows -- that's a HUGE puzzle.  Now planning the programs - thank you Dave for execution... and then rehearsals thrown in for good measure. Projections are the next undertaking.   And I'm loving almost every minute of it.  I really appreciate the people in my life who are helping push this Theater Company forward - thank you Judy, Diane, Barbara. And Philip creating the master e-mail list - yeah!!  We have hit the 2000 e-mail mark.  How many e-mails does it take to fill the theater.... A LOT!!  And let me tell you, 2000 has not done the trick yet.  

 I get looks from people that say "You're crazy for taking on creating a Theater?  Why work this hard?"  Because it feels great! I feel alive! And I love listening to the comments that people say when they leave after one of our shows.... except the comment - "How do they remember all of those lines?"  I hate that one......   I like having my hand in all the different parts of the production - thank you UCLA.  I remember having my nose up in the air while there - "I'm an actress! Other people need to know all of this "other" stuff, not me!" Boy am I glad that I paid attention anyway.  

And this season, getting to meet a lot more people and expanding the window of people in my theater world.  It brings back all the memories of how I started with Michael Shurtleff in Los Angeles building The Night Flight Theater, and then progressing to The Road Theater.  Ah growing pains, raising money, deciding on the next script... Yeah gotta get to that soon for our season three and four.  Time to go back to sending out the next batch of e-mails.... why do people wait so long before buying their tickets... it makes me nervous. Buy, buy, buy.