The first article came out about our second season... it took me awhile to remember how to convert from pdf to jpeg so I could upload to the website... but I did it.  And I was happy that the article came out in Peoria Today considering that is where Theater Works in located.  Now we have to see if Barbara can get them to run the article in Surprise Today.  It was submitted for here in Surprise, but I can see how the decision to publish in Peoria Today was made.  Well... we'll see if we can get it here in Surprise too.  

Ironic though... the four "points on the compass" all live in Surprise and we started the company up here... and we WANT A THEATER UP HERE IN SURPRISE. I'm yelling... oops.  Anyway... the names got spelled correctly, the info is accurate... now let's see if we can sell the tickets.  

Speaking of tickets... the whole Mail Chimp campaign may be a bust.  In the meantime, I'm going to have to go back to the old fashion way of sending out Compass Player e-mails. At least for awhile. Ugh!  Two steps forward, one step back.  Who knew I could dance. 

Okay... now on to the next....