So I thought I would wait and write this today rather than yesterday because when I go into overload... I go into overload.   I sat in the room during yesterday's rehearsal watching the slides, reading the script, listening to comments and suggestions and all I could do was crawl in my Alice in Wonderland hole and hide....waiting for it all to be over.  Almost nothing worked the way I thought it might.  And everyone had a suggestion.   After everyone left and Steve went out for the evening I just sat there for I don't know how long and waited for the world to stop moving and for life to come back to a regular pace.  Breathe in, breathe out.   Once it did I could go back to thinking clearly and work to figure all of this out.  I picked myself up, and got back to work on all the various pieces of the production....  I think if anyone ever asked me to describe myself with one word I would say "self-reliant."  But when I go into overload... sometimes I wish it was in my DNA not to be. 

I know it is a momentary roadblock, but as someone who views the glass as half full... now I know where the other half of the glass went.... all over me.