So today we get to put the slide show into the the rest of the play... I'm kinda nervous about this.  I have an idea in my head as to what it will look like... or should look like...  and how it will impact the audience's enjoyment of the play (hopefully)... or should impact their enjoyment.  I hope I'm not wasting everyone's time.  Hmmm.. me doubting myself, not good.  

John has put a lot of thought and time into putting this together.  I know he has HIS ideas of what should be included... I just want to make sure we are judicious in our choices and don't have slides, just for the sake of having slides.... Man I hope this works.

I gave him direction, had him listen to us do the play... twice.  But as with all communication, just because you "say" something... that doesn't necessarily mean that was what was "heard."  I am going with glass half full.  Whatever we have today, we have time to tweak and alter.

It's getting exciting as it gets closer.  I just have to stay open to what is in front of me.  Today I am open to the slide show!!