We did a read-through of "Sylvia" yesterday.  I had a strange impression as we sat down in Dave's living room.  It seemed like the five-month break we had after "Chapter Two" had never happened.  There we all were, the Compass Players.  Judy was there, too, which seemed quite natural and expected.  At the same time, I felt like I had completely forgotten everything we worked on during the "Chapter Two" experience.  Steve and I talked about that earlier in the day.  Did we forget everything about acting, or is it still in there somewhere?  Steve, Dave and Jeanna obviously hadn't forgotten anything.  I completely switched gears after the final performance of "Chapter Two".   It's a leap from the solitary and quiet creation of art quilts to the immediate exposure of the character in a play.  My character, Kate, seems to have much in common with me.  She calls Sylvia "Saliva" which I think is hysterical.  It makes me think of our Airedales, Whitney and Ziggy, and how one of their greatest joys in life is to get a big drink of water and come to us for "loves" with drippy beards.  It also reminds me of how Ziggy gets so excited for his food that he flips saliva all over the kitchen.  Oh, how I love it!  Off we go on another wild ride to opening night!

I love reading Jeanna's blogs!  You go, girl!