Why the set of all things should be the part of the production that has given us the most "issues," I do not comprehend... but it has.  So yesterday, we threw the rehearsal schedule out the window and headed over to TheaterWorks' storage to see what we could find.  

I thought we we get one long table and both of us sit behind it... but we ended up with two separate tables.  This is going to work better because we can isolate each area.  Dave actually brought up the idea of lighting cues that could help us illustrate when one or the other characters are choosing not to answer each other... thank you Dave.

This production has been much more collaborative than the last.  Maybe because there are two of us instead of four of us... All I know is that it works.  

So Dave is off painting set pieces and I am trying to put an audience in the theater.  Right now he has the easier task.