I need more time.  I always need more time.  I say "yes" to too many things, I have too many ideas I want to put into practice right away, I don't want to miss ANYTHING.  Life is too short and I want to fill it up with lots of people and plays and emotions.  Maybe right now I am taking on too much of the character Melissa in this play... I hope not.

We had a full read thru yesterday and I thought it went pretty well.  I could see the shape of some of the moments starting to take hold.  Others are still a blur.  Dave and I keep challenging each other to be better.  Not true - we keep challenging to get more of the audience to like us. 

Words.  I have to find the correct words to communicate what I want to get across... sigh, where is Ken McMillan when I really need him...

And almost everyone I talk to has NOT bought their tickets yet.  I want to say "What are you waiting for!!!"  I think I have sent out close to five hundred e-mails so far... I have more to go.  Why marketing should be such a pain in the ass I do not know.. but it is.

Just a little testy this morning. 

But John and I made some good progress on the video yesterday afternoon after he watched the run thru.  We will see the next incarnation next week.

And now getting SYLVIA under way... so where do I sign up for the additional 24 hours in the day??? Man I wish I knew.