it's early.  We are having a full run of the show today.  First one in a while.  First one together with Dave in the same room and not on Skype.... Hmm, did we do a full read of the play on Skype or was it just rehearsing the play in pieces?  I can't remember.  The summer already seems so long ago.  Funny how that happens... first I couldn't wait for it to be here, then I couldn't wait for it to be over, and now it is long gone.

Anyway, full run thru.  Just have to stay in the moment.  This is a very different piece to connect to as a character.  There is so much of the back story right there on the page, but I still have to find how I personally connect to it.  Parts of that are hard since she is not always likeable or loveable for that matter.  But I'm getting there.  Just trying to find all the various connections I can make to me and my life.. or similarities I can draw on.

At least today will show me where the shows weaknesses are at this moment.  Ah the process.  It's always about the process.  Well, let's see where today leads me.