So we had to scratch the idea of using podiums for our set.  I get an idea and then I run with it. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't.  Luckily it works more times than not.   I was so excited over the idea of using two podiums for the set rather than a table that Dave and I sit behind.... Well, podiums definitely give off a different sort of "vibe" than sitting at a desk.  It really cut us off from the audience... and made it feel like we were lecturing rather than sharing our characters with the audience.  So much for that idea.

Unfortunately we had bought them online and now have to get a table instead.  And get rid of the podiums.  Luckily they came in boxes to be put together (thank you Dave) so they don't take up a lot of room.

Having to switch out the podiums made me start to second guess some of my other ideas.  Am I trying to accomplish too much with this piece?  Or too hard?  Balance... I'm still trying to get back in balance. 

I was out yesterday getting flyers around the 'hood... did you know you cannot put flyers at our local library because we are charging admission... Learned something new.  

Starting on the programs..... hope this part goes easier.