Yesterday was a good day.  John and I focused on the objective of the slide show that will run during the production.  I turned in and ordered our first batch of flyers for the show, and Dave and I got to work on digging deeper into the script.  Yeah, the playwright says to just "open the script and read the play," but it's not quite enough.... Or maybe it's just that I'm rusty as a director to communicate clearly enough, and quickly enough how we are supposed to be effecting the audience.   At least we have more rehearsal time. 

It's funny how rehearsing a show like this one can really exhaust you after about an hour and fifteen minutes of rehearsal.  It wasn't that way with CHAPTER TWO.  So for all of my new found physical stamina from working out... my mental stamina is now what needs excercise.  Well, it's gonna get it now, that's for sure. 

So, I'm back in the groove... up early, focused on Compass Players, the play, selling tickets, new marketing ideas... and then the rest of my life.  I like it this way.