Okay folks, this is the morning of the last performance of CHAPTER TWO.  I went back and read blogs.  I thought about when we all sat here in my living room reading the play out loud for the first time... and now, here we are getting ready for the last performance of it.  I am so proud, so happy, and moved beyond words as to how well received it has been. 

My three cohorts are amazing people and have transformed into wonderful actors that I would be proud to be on any stage with... Good thing too since we have future shows in the works. 

But let me stay with today.  When I got home last night I was too wired to sleep (and that was after two shows on Saturday).  People had come in from LA, we had sold out last night's show, lots of good notices, the cast was happy, the crew was happy... I was restless.  I can't believe we are at the end of this.  Yeah, I know there will be more... but this was the first.  There will never be another first. It's brought such a phenomenal group of people together.  We build from here.

Maybe that's the restlessness.  I have found myself picking up LOVE LETTERS, and COOKIN' WITH GUS and thumbing thru.... my mind is already going to, "What if...."  But that is for a week or so away. 

Today is about giving the best performance that we can give today.... being true to Neil Simon's words and play.  The cast said it best, "I think Neil Simon would really like this production."  I know I do.  I got everyone, from the cast and crew to the audience to see my vision.  I got the actors to embody the characters, to take them and make them their own.  To build on the play, to add to it, to keep looking for something else to tweak or add.  Theater is such a collaborative effort.  And that is what we did.  We took the compass in hand, and let it guide us on this journey to reach our first destination.  I know there will be lots of shows in the future... and I have no doubt that they will be successful, but THIS, this will always be the one that holds my heart and will remind me of where we started.  THIS will always be MY chapter two.  To everyone living and past who has gotten us to this moment... I thank you, I am beholden to you, and I hope to make you proud.... one more time for the last time.