So here we are... getting ready for our last weekend of performances on the play I had been dreaming about doing for YEARS.  I am a bit weepy as I write this.  Yes, it is wonderful to have reached this goal... And yes, there will be other goals/productions in the future.  But this was the first, and therefore, very dear and special to my heart. 

This play, this cast, this crew, and the audiences have touched my soul in ways that are indescribable to me.  I feel so lucky right now. 

As we prep for this weekend, I keep racking my brain... is there something else I can add?  Did I overlook something?  What can I say to the other three to get them to find just ONE more thing, hone one more joke, make one more connection. 

I find myself thinking of Dan Schay who passed away the night before his play opened at TheaterWorks.  I am lucky.  I am still here.  And I will be here for a long time to come... God willing.  Dear Dan... I would have liked to have shared this with you.  Audiences are wonderful, but when another Theater person can share in your vision, it is like a Vulcan mind meld. 

So now the tears are falling... the words are almost done.  I need to finish pulling together my costumes for tonight.  I find it so hard to do since this will be the last time I do it for this show.

I have written about all the firsts... now I write about all the lasts.  This is too hard.  I am going to stop now.