I saw a quote today from a great 2007 interview with one of my all-time favorite actors, Jack Nicholson:  “A question you always ask in acting is, Where were you going if this scene didn’t interrupt the movement of the character?”   A profound question … I hadn’t heard it before but I can sense its value to the actor … but here’s another:  Where would the four of us have been going if Chapter Two hadn’t come along and interrupted our movements?   Something to ponder … there’s no real way to know and I can only speak for myself.  To me, it just feels like it couldn’t have been as good as where we have ended up.

This play and the founding of Compass Players is a total game changer.  I know after this weekend that I’ll get back to those projects I put on hold for the play.  Life will get busy with other things, (Ziggy the puppy jumps to mind), but man, am I going to miss seeing you three beautiful souls on stage every night.

And, I’m going to miss Leo Schneider.  Thank you, Neil Simon, for creating such an “interesting man.”  Thank you, Jeanna, for helping me to find my way into his shoes.  And I am sure that Frances will miss Fay in the same way, and Dave will miss George, and Jeanna will miss Jennie.  I know I sure will. 

Theater is magic and we’ve been making magic for our audience every time we step onto that stage together.  Who cares where we might have been??  We are where we’re supposed to be.