I was so damn happy to see the cast yesterday, Thursday, so we could go over the first week's shows and discuss some minor tweaks as we get ready for this week's run.  Actually I just wanted to SEE everybody!!  There, the cat is out of the bag.  Come the month of May I will be going into withdrawal.  Where is the equivalent of the Betty Ford Clinic for Actors and Directors who are between shows??? Oh, I guess that IS the Betty Ford Clinic -- never mind. 

Tickets have been selling, and I am thrilled for all of us that the audiences really like the show.  We got this phenomenal e-mail from another director and it was great to see in writing that someone got all the little nuances I have been feeding into the production.  It's also nice to have it affirmed that I was not NUTS when I told everyone that this was the play I wanted to mount as our first production.  The only thing I could ask for is if we could get some reviewers to come see it and that they would wax as eloquently as some of the audience members.   But, in the meantime, I am still high above the clouds just floating in actor/director BLISS.........  I know that the rest of the cast is too.

Now comes the next step... refocusing for the second week.  You have to take the first week and throw it to the side and work as if THIS is the first week.  Keep what works, try corrections on things that didn't. Relook at the script to see lines that have been inadvertently dropped.  Review the blocking, yada, yada, yada.  It's the equivalent of going to the gym... and we all just LOVE that. 

I made 4 pm the call time for today so we can do a line run thru to "prime the pump" for tonight.  Nobody seemed happy about that...  But by 7:30 they will be.  OK folks, SHOWTIME!!