So yesterday, Sunday, completed our first week of shows.  I came home, sat on the sofa, turned on the TV, and fell asleep for about a half hour.  I woke up disoriented.  Had I missed a cue?  Was I supposed to be on stage or backstage?  After a few minutes of realizing where I was and why.... I began to get my bearings.  I was home.  The shows for the week were over.  My regular life is supposed to resume.   I realize people are talking to me and it is not dialogue.  Colors seem a little muted now.  My heart isn't racing as fast.  Is that good?  I'm not sure.... I know it's different.

Today will be the first day in a long time when there is nothing to do regarding the show.  Yeah, answer e-mails and try to get more tickets sold for the next two weeks, but no rehearsals, no seeing my other cast members, no going to the theater..... Sigh......  I feel a little lost.

Yeah, I'm going to jump back into my normal routine, but I'm looking forward to Friday.  Is that sick?

This last weekend was wonderful.  Everything that I could have hoped for.  And I am thrilled that my cast mates had such a terrific experience at it as well. This was/is really good theater.  This is how it is supposed to be.  As I always said... Have we got story for you.  Come on... Friday!!!  Four more days to go.