This is the first I have been able to sit down and write since the final dress rehearsal.  So obviously we have opened and have had our first three performances since then.  And what a roller coaster of a ride.  I am so humbled by this experience.  My vision of this production HAS translated to something that the audiences seem to really enjoy.  I mean come on.... you know your friends and family are going to tell you that they liked it... they are supposed to.  But when strangers come up to you unsolicited and comment on the performances, the work, and how we touched them.... that is what I choose to listen a little more closely to.   Then I start to ask THEM questions... I gotta stop that and just say "thank you". 

But seriously, THIS IS A BLAST.  The four of us are closer and tighter than before (if that's even possible).  And our Stage Manager Barbara is super woman.  She takes such great care of all of us and cradles the show like a mother bird looking after her new foundlings.  I cannot say enough about my love and respect for Steve, Dave, and Frances.... watching the three of you work, and working with you challenges me to challenge you and to try to be better with each performance.

Before I go on stage I listen to music to get my head to the right space for the opening of the play.  Images flash in my mind from various acting classes and mentors I have had over the years... Man, you never know what gets stuck in that cranium. 

Last night, back stage before going on... it was like I was back in class with Ken McMillan.  He, more than any other teacher taught me how to "trust the moment."  That if you take the stage, stand there, and fill the moment.... then you can hold the audience.  I did that a few times over the last three performances.  I hope to have that experience again over the remaining nine performances.   It's hard to describe HOW I feel so connected to the character... but there is this electrical circuit that connects me to the character, to the others on stage with me, and then to the audience, and then back to me again.

I hope before each performance that I do see Ken McMillan, or Michael Gordon, or Stella Adler before going on stage... it reminds me to focus on the work.  That each performance is still a work in progress, that you can always find something new each time.  

And I hear my dear friend and mentor Sybil Trubin saying, "Go make me proud."   I'm trying Sybil... I'm trying.