We finally made it to opening night.  The preceding two weeks were insane.  We were so lucky to get to move onto our stage a week before we started tech rehearsals.  I think Dave, Steve and I were expecting tech rehearsals to be similar to what we experienced with the Group That Shall Not Be Named.  We were in for a surprise.  I realize that the tech people with the Group That Shall Not Be Named do the best work that they can possibly do, but when you have to tear down and set up equipment for each show, you can't have much sophistication equipment-wise. For example, we were amazed to have speakers connected to the stage mikes in our dressing room AND in our bathroom.  That is certainly a level of luxury to which we are not accustomed.  It hasn't been that long since we had to run to the neighboring building just to pee because we weren't allowed to use the restrooms in our building during a show for the Group That Shall Not Be Named.  My biggest fear during that potty trip was getting back late and missing an entrance.  Believe it or not, I actually considered using Depends just to save myself the angst of running a block to the restroom.  But I digress.  We were very pleasantly surprised by the competence of the TheaterWorks tech crew and our stage manager.  Everyone was there to see that we gave the best show we could possibly give.  Guess what?  We did!

We have received sparkling reviews this weekend from our audience members.  Everyone enjoyed the show and they were literally stunned by our performances.  Last night, we walked into the lobby of the theater to meet friends and family after the show.  I was amazed at the looks on some of their faces.  They were literally "stunned".  One friend couldn't utter a coherent sentence and just hugged us all.  I say this not to brag (too much) but to say that we have worked on this play for so many months and we are so caught up in the story, that we really can't judge how we are doing.  At least the three "greenhorns" can't--Jeanna, with all of her experience and wisdom, has been able to be a bit more objective about what we are doing.  She is excited.  The four of us are excited.  We all are striving for a successful run of the show, and this weekend was a great kickoff. 

Thanks to all of our audience members for your support and kind words.  Thanks to the behind-the-scenes TheaterWorks crew for making it all so easy for us.  Thanks, most of all, to my three fellow Compass Points.  This is so much fun!!

Now to enjoy a few days off until the next four performances.  I'm glad to finally be able to stay home with Whitney. A special thanks to Whitney.  She has been very patient.  We have had a wonderful dog sitter for her, but it's not the same as her "people".  She is my buddy and my sounding board.  Sometimes late at night she makes "the mournful sound", just to remind me that there is still wild inside her somewhere.  I wonder if I make that sound late at night???  Whitney could tell me, but her lips are sealed.  Off to bed.  To sleep, perchance to make "the mournful sound".