We just finished our first three shows and all I can say is WOW! The excitement of being on stage and bringing the audience along with you is a feeling that is hard to explain. Maybe Jeanna said it best when after the first Dress Rehearsal she said to me, you're having way to much fun.

It's funny how each one of us get ready just before the performance. Steve listening to music and doing his hot coal step, Jeanna rocking away to her music like she was front row at a rock concert, Frances sitting steadfast putting makeup on and taking care of the rest of us like a mother and me saying look at me, look at me, look at me.

About thirty minutes before showtime, Jeanna will have us do some short exercises to prepare for the opening. One was sitting like four compass points staring at each other for one minute taking turns looking at each other. I realized one minute for me is too long. My mind starts playing games with itself after five seconds. Then another exercise we do is our lines for the first scene as fast as we can say them. It was really fun the first time we did that because Jeanna turned into Dave and had us all cracking up.

Frances wrote in her blog the other day about each of us and it was an awaking for me. She mentioned about my innocence and vulnerability. I didn't know they could see whats on the other side of my walls because I am so good at keeping them up. It just goes to show how close we have become.

I love you guys.