Gratitude is what I'm feeling today.  We are finally here: OPENING NIGHT!  But before the curtain goes up,  I have to take a moment to stop and tell you,  my cast mates, my friends, the other three points on this compass just how grateful I am for you in my life.

Frances.  I am so grateful to be sharing this with you.  And especially to be sharing the stage when Fay has her meltdown ... I know you are going to bring the house down and I get a front row seat.  All the little things you do, and always with that great attitude you possess.  Thank you, too, for that warm, passionate, friendly kiss.

Dave.  We were friends and now we are brothers ...on stage and off ... you said it in one of your blogs--through this process we've become family.  I'm grateful for George and Leo's scenes.  You are a pleasure to work with--I always have a smile on my face when you're around.  Thank you, my brother.

Jeanna.  I am so grateful for your guidance, for your friendship, for you sharing your wealth of theater knowledge and talent with us--and for caring so damn much about us succeeding as a cast and as a company.  For that smile that lights up a room, and a stage.  For your grace under pressure and how you aren't playing down to us one damn bit!  You are our leader.  The four of us would not be walking onto that stage tonight together without you!  Thank you.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen ... hear all that applause!  Let's do this!!