I'm not sure what to type first. My excitement about today being here... or my gratitude for everyone who has played a part in getting us to our first opening night.  I think I will start with the later. 

There are so many people who contributed in big or small ways to get us to this goal.  Some with money, some with material goods, others with their time.  Still others just with words of encouragement and support.  I hope that everyone who has bought a ticket will walk away feeling that it was money well spent.  I think I can speak on behalf of the cast when I say this has been a labor of love.

And speaking of the cast... what a professional, class act.  I am so proud of the journey.  The growth as actors I think will amaze anyone who has seen them in prior productions.    Each has made me reach deep within myself to find the right words for what I needed to convey to each of them to further their growth.  And boy have they grown.   It makes me look forward to our next project together.

And the behind the scenes crew is such a gift to Compass Players.  They are the left hand to our right.  Yesterday, some of the crew tirelessly cleaned the theater getting ready for tonight.  it is something that an audience may not realize happened... but boy, I certainly know that it did.

There are not enough words for me to describe how I feel right now.  But all I know is that I cannot wait until tonight.