Okay... here we go.  We have a new projector on the set for the opening video and the "window" slides.  Boy what a difference.  We all put on stage make-up last night.  That will throw you into a tizzy... THAT is what I look like???   The show is tightening up - intermission went too long.  We all dropped lines, went left instead of right, had our heads down (hmmm, I wonder who I'm talking about???), used the mikes for the first time (more tape, different placement... but thank you TheaterWorks for coming thru), and here we are.  We lived to tell the tale, and to return tonight for our last dress rehearsal before we open.  I guess I am in shock.

You know, I feel so lucky to be working in that theater space.  What a nurturing environment.  Looking forward to growing our little company and looking forward to being there... for awhile I guess.  I just feel so creative right now... I feel safe to walk on stage and just soar.  I'm hoping to inch the others to that same feeling.   I am an actor and it feels wonderful.

I was so proud of the three other actors last night.  Boy, do we have our hands full with costume changes, props, mikes, and make-up ...   Steve was on his game, even with trying to find clothes in the dark.  Frances has grown and flowered into this amazing character. And Dave can think on his feet to cover dropped lines faster and more adeptly than any actor I have ever dealt with.  We only had about five people there last night for dress... Although it was enough to get everyone a little jittery.  We'll see how that goes tonight. 

And what a great support team!! From inside TheaterWorks and from Trilogy Players.  I have to find something to do for them.  Barbara - you are such a remarkable woman.  I will forever be grateful that you walked into my life.  You and Judy could be clones.  I know that with both of you.. you will not let me or the rest of us fall.  And as a result, I feel like I can do anything.  Words cannot describe how you both have touched my heart.  

We are really here... the last rehearsal.  I'm sure Steve, Frances, and Dave are glad of that fact.   But now we are morphing into performance mode and they don't even know it.   It is bittersweet to leave the rehearsal process behind us... I will miss it.  But it has brought us to this moment.  And I must live it THIS moment.