Sometimes I convince myself that I can do EVERYTHING.  Doesn't mean I am excellent at all of it at the same time, believe me, I am not... but I convince myself that I CAN do it all.  And God knows I try.  There are so many problems with that first statement... But I'll start with this.... just because I think I can do everything, doesn't mean I should drag everyone else with me.  People need rest.  People need to recharge their physical and emotional batteries. People need to see their families.  People need sleep.  I keep forgetting the last one.

In my enthusiasm for the perfectly balanced show, I forget that everyone does not run at my pace... which is a crazy pace.  Sometimes a crazy stupid pace.  I have to calm down.  I see everything in my head and sometimes I can't communicate it fast enough or clearly enough for others to comprehend and put into action points.   I keep thinking that MY vision IS everyone else's vision... and even though I may wish that to be the case....that is not true.  

I don't want to burn the cast out... I don't want to burn the crew out... but I want the best show we can mount.  Pace, rhythm, breathe... it always come back to that doesn't it... breathe out, breathe in.  I have to slow down.  I have to trust.  I tell the cast that all the yourselves, the work is good... really good.  Get your head to shut up.

Tech went really well yesterday. The set looks great..minimalistic - but everything is right on point.    Two run thrus today.  Pace, rhythm... breathe.  I have to give everyone more slack. I think I have to give me more slack. Okay Jeanna... breathe.