Well... It's Monday.  Friday night will be here in the blink of an eye.  A lot has happened since the last post I made.  Th biggest being that we are now in the theater. Yippee!!!  The four us are much happier with the additional time we have had before tech (which starts today!!).  It gave me the chance to re-block some parts of the play that looked less "organic" until I was in the space.  And it calmed the jitters for the cast...for awhile.  Keeping "The Bickersons" quiet is an ongoing process (sorry, that is a reference to a much earlier blog).

And we have all gotten to know our Stage Manager Barbara a lot better. What a terrific addition to the show and hopefully well into the future!!  From the minute we met I just felt that visceral connection to her...someone who was entirely on my wavelength and vice versa.  She has picked up the show and just ran with it.  I know that the rest of the cast feels very comfortable in her capable hands... Thank you Trilogy Players for letting us borrow her.  And thank you to Matt and Brett for suggesting the "fit" in the first place.

Programs are being printed, and stapled and shipped.  That was a bit of a stress for a minute... Well actually our first OMG moment based on pricing at a local store.  And boy, do I mean OMG!!  Just ask Dave or Judy.   But we moved thru THAT situation...  Thank you Dave!  And I quote, "Get out of the store, NOW!" 

Between now and Friday, there will be other "situations" I have no doubt.  And we will take them one at a time. 

I had a massage yesterday.  That helped.  I'm scheduled for one on Friday too.  Yesterday I lay there on the table trying to clear my head, instead I saw Act 1 Scene 8 like I was watching a movie.  All of a sudden I realized something I need to shift in the scene.  I'll be able to work that in at some point today.  Can't wait to see what I want to "shift" after Friday's massage... maybe me to the moon!!!  Or maybe the rest of the cast and production team will want to shift me to the moon.  Hmmm.

Judy and Brenda have been working to get the opening night party ready... that should be very cool.  John is getting a photographer's credit on PHXstages.com for the photos they are uploading today.  Steve is dealing with Bronchitis so is going to wear a mask for the next three days, and I am checking things off my list as fast as they appear.

Oh, did I mention that I am having dinner with friends who are in from Wisconsin tonight?  Or that I have decided to change two of my costumes for the play?  Out of Towners start arriving this week straight thru the run of the play.. Not just for me, but for all of us. 

These next few days are always such an amazing exhilarating roller coaster of a ride... We will tighten the shape of the show, solidify the arc of the play, and get the tech up to speed with the actors.   THIS is when you have to stay "in the moment" as a director, to be patient, to breathe, to look at ALL options, to be a great leader, to make people feel comfortable and safe, to make fast decisions, go with the flow, laugh, hug each other a lot, and just hang on until Friday night when someone finally says, "Places for Act 1 Scene 1."  I CAN'T WAIT!!!