I went to what I refer to as "the empty space" last night. For me it is a kinda out of body experience where I can see myself but it is devoid of being connected emotionally to me, or others, or anything around me. It came on when we lost an important set piece for the show.  Yeah, it will get replaced... but going to "the empty space" was sort of a culmination of "moments." 

Anyway, in "the empty space" it is quiet, like when I scuba dive and you are under the water...all you hear is the sound of your breathing.  I guess writing that gives "the empty space" a negative connotation... not always. It's more of a way for me reflect, analyze, cope, and protect myself.  I sat and watched inane television last night while I was cocooned in "the empty space."  I found myself being reflective.  I didn't hear a word of the television, but I sat there with it on.... Kinda like when Leo refers to George in Act 2.  The "space" was safe, calming, quieted "The Bickersons" in my head, and began to show me a laser beam thin thread of light leading me thru the next two weeks.

Thinking about the next two weeks and how I drive this production forward for the final two weeks before opening has me trying to maximize all of my directorial skills for the rest of the cast, while trying to find all the time I need for me to work on my character.  Definitely bringing the video camera next week to the Theater.

I'll probably be back in "the empty space" a few times before we open... but, that too, is part of my process. 

Two weeks... yeah, I had to say it.