I have the type of mind that is always running, trying to distract me.  Jeanna's post about the "empty space" struck home for me.  Since I was a child, I have used television to reach my "empty space".  I actually do some of my best creative thinking then.  The TV distracts my blabbering mind so that "I" can focus of what I need to focus on.  I have endured much criticism for this practice of TV "watching".  I can't explain to the critics about why I do this, it's just a tool for me.

Our run through on Thursday was very interesting.  We added the music and we had the pleasure of a visit from Barbara, our new stage manager.  I think Barbara will add just the right energy to our troupe.  I'm looking forward to working with her.  As for the run through, it appeared that all of us were not quite in the moment.  I think we were all focusing on the running time of the play--trying to cut needed minutes.  I'm interested to see what happens when we actually get to rehearse on the stage next week.  Our perceptions of Jennie's apartment and George's apartment will change considerably.  Now that Bell Road is closed, our stress levels may increase just because it's not quite as easy to get to Theater Works.  And, to add spice to this mixture, it's April and the stultifying desert heat will be inching back into the aptly named Valley of the Sun, further increasing our stress levels bringing that pizza oven environment into our reality.  If you've never spent a summer in Phoenix, you should try it.  It'll give you stories to tell your grandkids for a long time. 

Two weeks until opening night.  We have our dog sitter lined up.  Whitney would love to come with us to the theater every night, but she would definitely steal the show.  I've arranged my "life" to coordinate with the theater schedule.

Have I mentioned how much fun it is to work with Jeanna?  A couple of years ago, I had a scene partner in an acting class once who was a professional actress.  We were working on a difficult scene from a scathingly emotional play.  Of course, I felt outmatched by this actress, but at the same time, it was amazing to see what happened to my acting because of what she "gave" me to work with.  Jeanna is like that.  She is right there in the moment, she reacts, she's focused.  She raises all of our work to a new level.  Such fun doing this play with her and such an eye opener.

I've also enjoyed working with Steve.  We've been in several plays together, but we haven't acted together in a situation like this.  I've watched his process and I've been amazed at what he seems to just pull out of the air.  His character, Leo, has emerged right before our eyes.  He's so good at this, that you think he's "just being himself".  His reactions, like Jeanna's, are so natural and believable. 

Dave and I don't have any scenes together in "Chapter Two".  It's been amazing to see his evolution throughout this process.  Dave is an enormous natural talent and he has really grown throughout this rehearsal process.  He's kept us all laughing, too.  He has found George Schneider and embraced him.  :-)