Frances and I were rehearsing some of the Faye - Jennie scenes yesterday and it was one of those moments that we had played numerous times.  But this time, I heard Faye's lines to me differently.  And as a result made a major change in the blocking.  By doing that, the new blocking increased the relationship between the two characters and heightened Faye's motivation in the scene.   In another scene, just by having her continually try to interrupt me in a big speech had the same effect.  And again, I thought, it's amazing how in a nano-second, the piece of a scene you have been looking at repeatedly can transform into something new. 

I have to admit it is heady to see the play taking the shape that I envisioned.  But, by the same token I know that I have to stay open for it to start to shift and grow on it's own into what the four us are creating together -- so that it will be Compass Players vision of CHAPTER TWO not just mine -- Each actor making suggestions, wanting to try different blocking, exploring parts of the play that are only referred to in the dialogue.  This production is right in front of my face... I just have to be open to seeing it, grabbing it, and communicating it to the others....and eventually to the audience.