There is this great shot in THE LONGEST DAY, where the German commander is looking out at the ocean to see if there are any Allied Boats coming in.  The camera goes back and forth a few times between the commander and the ocean which has a layer of fog resting on top of the water.  The commander looks through his binoculars one more time before he is going to retire, and he can see the fog lifting.  And there under the fog were the Allied Forces in full strength ready to move in.

A long round about way to say that I feel like the fog is lifting for us.  I can see the whole structure and arc of the piece.  Today we start shooting the pictures for the opening of the show.  I've only had this vision in my head for about eighteen months.  Man, I hope we can pull this off.  This will be such a dramatic way to start the play.

Still working on finding the right furniture for the set.  Since it's all minimalist (no flats or doors) it makes the furniture all the more important. Gotta call Brett.

And I feel like my fog is lifting.  I was watching some of the video playback from yesterday's rehearsal and I could feel my mind kicking in on all cylinders.  I am so proud of everyone.  The work is really good.  Everyone is finding new nuances.  Frances has made leaps and bounds.     I just want to shout it from the roof tops -- YOU GOTTA COME SEE THIS PLAY!! --