We ran the play today with a new audience member – Barbara, our new stage manager.  Afterwards, when Jeanna asked me: “And, how did you think it went for you?”  I told her I thought it went fine.  She gave me her “are you sure you wanna stick with that answer?” look … paused dramatically, and then gave me her take.  You can’t hide from the unvarnished truth from your director:

It had been a one-note, monotone, everything-has-the-same-importance kind of afternoon for Leo.   

Then she proceeded to say that she thought Dave and Frances had a good day, but that she’d had an even worse day than me.  I wouldn’t say I agree, but it did kinda help to soften the blow.  I’m sure she was sincere, but I think just like the rest of us, Jeanna can be her own worst critic.

We all agreed that it was a case of someone new watching.  Jeanna has warned us this was coming—that’s why she's working to have butts in the seats for dress rehearsal.  So we can get used to living, breathing strangers watching us from five feet away.  YIKES!!

It worries me, though, that I wasn’t in touch enough with my instrument to realize I was giving that one-note performance.  Jeanna has given us plenty of tools to use to get back on track when we run off the rails, had I just been present enough to stop and take a breath and start over.  I had gotten myself too amped up about performing--for an audience! 

The best news Jeanna had for us today, is that we get to move in to Theater Works a week early!  YAY!  We’ll have an extra time to get comfortable in the new space.  Maybe comfortable isn’t the right word—attuned might be a better choice. 

Then again, the way time has been speeding up, that week is gonna feel like 37 minutes!!  BREATHE!!