Can someone slow the clock down?  How is it that a day goes by and all of a sudden you turn around and three days have gone by.  OMG.  It's Thursday for Pete's sake... It was just Monday about 14 minutes ago.  Thank goodness I am pretty much off of coffee or I would truly be in hyperspace right now.

It's exciting and exhilarating the closer April 15th gets.  I am just trying to stay in the moment each day and enjoy the ride to opening night.  I keep pushing "assumptions" aside, taking lots of deep breaths (I shouldn't have missed the yoga class the other day), listening to music constantly, loving all the things that keep falling into place, pushing the negativity and insecurity to the side, and laughing a lot.  God I love life right now...

I feel like I am meeting an old friend again... me... back in work mode.  I feel myself physically changing, emotionally changing, starting to kick in the next set of pistons, the adrenaline is starting to permeate my system.    All the years of training, prior productions, tears, laughter, and instincts are rising to the surface.   I feel empowered.

Now who do I talk to about slowing that clock down.