Yesterday we spent the rehearsal period going over some additional script cuts and scheduling for the remainder of the rehearsal process.  That's a funny phrase, "remainder of the rehearsal process."  Seems like yesterday we had two months left... now we are at two and a half weeks.

What a remarkable journey to this point. We've all transformed.... as individual actors, as a theatrical troupe, and as friends.  I picked well.  We all have our quirks and idiosyncrasies and those become spotlighted the closer we get to opening and each of us comes to face whatever we fear about going on stage.. fear of forgetting lines, letting your fellow actors down, over acting, not acting enough, breaking something on stage... it's all there.  But we have trained and rehearsed and have tried to deal with various "problem" scenarios to be ready. We are ready.  We are down in the minutiae now.

The four of us all KNOW what to do... now we just have to do it.  Once we get on stage in front of an audience and get the first laugh, all the fears will wash away, and all the months of rehearsal and training will kick in and propel us forward into this new adventure.   With the first laugh comes the junkie's hit of wanting the next laugh, and then the next..... The trick is to trust the work and not push for the laugh.... easier said then done on opening night.  But that's what dress rehearsal is for.

To my fellow points on the Compass, I thank you for trusting me.  I will not let you stumble, I am thrilled to be on this journey with each and everyone of you.  You will all shine brightly and will amaze your family, friends, and the city in which we live... Mark my words. 

17 Days until we open.....