Jeanna gave us two writing assignments this weekend: first, a bio for the show’s program, and second, a blurb (also for the program), about our journey of putting Compass Players together.  The first one has come together with a little revision, the second not so smoothly … I feel like I’m self-censoring.

I’ve been journaling about my Compass Players’ experience for over a year – going back to when Jeanna first invited Frances, Dave and I to join her in forming our own theater company –so I have lots of material draw on.   The problem is my journal – my private thoughts—are, well … Private. 

Not that I wouldn’t want Frances, Dave and Jeanna (the “other three points on this Compass” – I love that, so I’m stealing it, Jeanna!) to know the soul-searching that’s gone this past year.  They’re taking this journey, too, so they know just how bumpy this road can get.  Maybe they’ve had similar thoughts to mine: “Hey, there’s time, she can find another Leo …”   Or: “Can’t they see I’m just faking it?  I’m no actor!”  Or:  “They’ll never find me in Nepal!”   Or worse …

But do I want to share all that (Too Much Information?) with our ticket-buying public?  Not just because it’s private, but because I’m afraid they’ll be bored stiff by this stuff.

I will say (both here and in the program) that I’ve learned a Truth:  Acting at the Professional level is miles away from Community Theater.  Jeanna was going to hold our feet to the fire.  And she has.

She tells us that we’ve all grown as actors.  I see the growth in Frances’ and Dave’s work, and I’m taking it on faith that I’m growing, too.  I do know I’ve never worked as hard on a role as I am on Leo.   

And, I will testify to anyone within earshot about how close we're growing as friends … how the camaraderie is the best … how much I love this play … how much I love the Other Three Points on the Compass … all that corny stuff …  

And I won’t care if that’s Too Much Information!