The four of us are at that point that no matter what conversation you have with people, you all of a sudden find yourself on the verge of reciting some line of dialogue from the play that seems to fit seamlessly into that current conversation.  It's quite odd, and funny.  And if two of us are there at the same time, there is that "knowing" smile and laugh that is shared between actors. 

I'm practicing my lines all the time now: when I go for my walk, in the shower,  in the car, getting my nails done. So there I am mouthing words and gesticulating like some demented homeless person... people have commented to my husband that they see me on the street doing this.   Obviously they don't want to ask ME what is going on... I'm the deranged one.  My husband nods, in that way that only the spouse of an actor can do...It's the nod that says, "Please take pity on me.  We try to keep her contained, but every so often she gets loose."

At least when I have one of the other three actors with me, it just seems like a normal conversation, but on my own.... yeah, well... re-read the last paragraph again.  But I keep finding new interpretations and inflections.  So people will just have to think I'm nuts.  Maybe I should hand them my pages and ask them to read WITH me!!

19 Days until we open.....