I was wishing during a quiet moment this morning that Compass Players had come along thirty years ago.  Then I wondered if I would have jumped at the opportunity if it had been offered to me then.   One thing I know for sure, my knees were in better shape thirty years ago--I probably could have done that "dip" in Act Two with no problems at all.  All of that led to me think about how I got "here" in 2016 from "there" in 1986.  It seems to me that the decisions I made, the people I knew and the hopes and dreams I had wayyyyyy back then, led me to where I am now.  Can one say, then, that maybe the opportunity to become a Compass Player was indeed offered to me thirty years ago and my path then led to my accepting the offer in 2015?  However I got here, it's intriguing to imagine what would have happened if I had made just slightly different decisions in my life.  Gosh, I'm getting rather philosophical here.  I had hoped to just rest and relax today, not wander off into la-la land.

I chuckled at Jeanna's most recent blog about running lines out loud while walking.  Yesterday morning I ran my lines while I was walking our dog, Whitney.  She's great with the lines.  She seems to know all of the cues and she doesn't mind if I'm saying strange things that don't quite make sense in the situation.  The neighbors, on the other hand, wonder (as they drive by in their golf carts) why I am worried about how much the taxi fare is from JFK Airport to 84th Street, or who is Lupe across the street and why is she naked, or why I'm so upset about being "interesting looking with character".  Guess they will just have to come and see our play to find out.

For today, I'll do my laundry, do my nails and write my bio for the program and then maybe Whitney and I will run lines again before we go to sleep.