Steve and I went to see a play last night done by Stray Cat Theater here in the Phoenix area while the two other points on the Compass stayed home. Great concept, fun, interesting, edgy play.  And the thing that I like is that they tell you in the program how long each Act is going to be in length. 

Which brings me back to a discussion the four of us were having at the end of rehearsal yesterday:  How long will an audience sit before it gets antsy and wants to get up and get out.  My feeling is that Act 1 can be a tad longer than Act 2... but you can annoy your audience if you don't have them out of their seats at 65 to 70 minutes.  Unfortunately if you hold the curtain for five minutes they forget THAT when intermission hits.  So you have to make sure of two things - the play opens well, and the last scene before intermission works well and will make everyone want to come back for Act 2.  I feel like a failure if I am looking at empty seats in Act 2... it's like, "What?  You didn't like us?  Why?"  Yup, there's that insecurity creeping in....Go away.

 I digress... Anyway, we have to sit down on Monday and see where we can tighten and potentially cut.  We are about 15 minutes too long.  Not my favorite part of the rehearsal process.  I so easily fall in love with the words of a play.  But better to do it now while we still have time to make the adjustments.

20 Days until we open.....