Sometimes the "glass half-full" gets a hole in it. 

Yesterday, after a great run thru, I got some disappointing news regarding the production.  Nothing I want to identify since the specific isn't important...but it just means making an adjustment.  I know that the next 24 days will have many.  It's the nature of putting up a show.  You visualize what you want, something happens, and you learn to accept "B" when "A" is unattainable.  Sometimes "B" turns out to be better than "A."  In this case... we will see.

Unfortunately, I am really bad with disappointment.  Gee... you not surprised.  After I went to bed last night "A" was all I could think about, so I got up and worked on technical aspects of the show until about 2:15 in the morning. Now I am back at my computer... I won't mention the time.   At least I didn't raid the refrigerator.  My first tendency is to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Didn't do that.... I had one camp pushing me off the ledge and the other camp taIking me off the ledge.  Right now.... I'm off the ledge.  Thank you.   But I just don't comprehend when someone messes with your creative process.  Why?  What is the benefit to them? 

At least I can take these feelings and channel them into a couple of scenes in the play.  Now I have to try not to over compensate for NOT having "A."  That's my usual behavioral mode after disappointment.  Yup, I'll make an adjustment.... just watch HOW MUCH of an adjustment I'll make.  Okay... breathe. 

Like I said, 24 days to go, lots of adjustments will need to be made... I just hit the first one.  I'm making it, and moving on.   But it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Did I mention there are 24 days until we open.