Have you ever stopped to think about how many people you know?  I'm not talking about friends... I'm just talking about how many people you have in your contacts list.  When you begin a project like this, you immediately start reaching out to people: "Come see the production.  Do you want to be involved in the play?  Can you make a donation to the theater company?  Can I borrow that for the play, I'll give it back.  Have you got your tickets yet? " 

I spent a chunk of yesterday sending out e-mails...again.  Different list this time.  I have many lists.  Some to people I see often, some to people I haven't communicated with in years.  I had forgotten that one of the reasons I had switched to television from doing stage is because television was recorded and could be seen for years.  Someone would ask, "What were you on?" and I could direct them to the Internet to see various episodes of this, that, or the other.  But stage... you have to have bodies in the seat, for people to share the experience with you.   You can tell someone about a night's performance, but if they were not there... it's over and done and lost to time and memory.  Rather self-absorbed... I know.

So I have been reaching out in lots of different directions, to people I know, and people I don't, trying to widen the pool of people to come to share the experience with the four of us.   If one person tells two people, and they tell two people...  My expectations are high... I've always played too close to the sun.   But if I can put bodies in the seats, it will be so worth it.  

27 days until we open.