So after yesterday's run thru I told everybody we were going to take a break until Tuesday.  I got that "deer in headlights" look, and I could feel the onset of fear and insecurity creeping into the room... I don't know, maybe that was just me.   Anyway, we all need a walk away from the script for a few days, not look at it, not think about it, not think about lines, and just let it percolate in our brains and bodies like Maxwell House coffee brewing in one of those 60's TV commercials. 

Now let's see if the cast has the courage to do it.  Kinda scary when the director says DON'T look at your script.  DON'T think about your character.   But the payoff is that when you come back to it, there can be new discoveries in character, new line readings, different blocking ideas ... it's almost like starting a new script but at a higher level.  I'm trying to squeeze every comedic moment, every truthful move, every everything into this production.  So the break right now makes a lot of sense.

So while they are off percolating, I will have the Gus-Jennie photo shoot today, work with the sound people over the weekend to see if we can finalize the sound cues and find those last two missing pieces of music, and work to turn in the Stage Manager's book so someone has the outline of when lights, sound, and projections go off and on.... Hmmm, I think I will be looking at my script A LOT... but you other as I say, not as I do.... go percolate, and see you guys Tuesday.