I couldn't sleep.  I keep thinking about yesterday's run-thru regarding what was working and what wasn't.  Dave and Steve hit it out of the park yesterday in their Act 1 Scene 3 scene.  I even turned to Frances and commented about how good it was.  The opening scene played well until the last couple of pages... I have to figure out why that fell apart.  And I was WAY off my game.

But the biggest issue is the overall run time.  It is still too long for my liking.  True, we have not had a chance to see the whole thing knit together without one of us (usually me, calling "Line").  But even so, I'm usually a good judge of how long a show is going to run.  And I think we are over my comfort zone... hopefully we will have a better idea today.  Geez, I just realized the timing doesn't even count the additional two minute video before the play starts. 

Good news though, we are now listed on the PHX Stages website.  And we got another article in one of the local papers The Surprise Independent.   As the expression goes, any publicity is good publicity so long as they spell your name right. Long way from the Los Angeles Times, but this is now my home. 

Now if I can just continue to get us ready to open.  I know when people get a chance to see what we have accomplished they will be blown away.  I'm really proud of the work so far.  People will be amazed at what Dave, Steve, and Frances have done.  Their growth as actors is now giving me the opportunity to push myself... to open doors I have had closed for a long time...stretch acting muscles, directing muscles, emotional muscles that I let atrophy a long time ago.  THIS is what I want.  THIS is what I am supposed to do.  THIS is what completes me.  I just hope when we get to share this first production others will agree.