Yup... One month to go. Next month at this time I will be talking about Opening Night!!   I think I've written enough about freaking out.  Now I'm gonna write about what works. 

We had a run thru yesterday and there are parts of this production that are funny and touching and work soooo well.  The first thing that really works is the ensemble.  The four of us really work well together. I'm so glad that we are a team in this endeavor and in this particular production.  Everybody's listening, reacting, putting in the work.  A lot of the comic timing is good.   I'm really really happy. 

I told everyone yesterday we are at that adolescent stage of the production.  We all "think" we are doing a scene well... got the lines, the blocking... but then your mind goes blank.. the words are just out of your grasp, or you look at an actor with that expression of "where am I supposed to be?" Or my favorite from yesterday, "What do you mean I left something out?"   It's the equivalent to a boys voice cracking in puberty.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Yesterday, I could feel myself starting to transition up a level.. More character "thoughts" and less "actor" chatter during the scenes.  Frances and I are really starting to connect Jennie and I as best friends, I heard Steve's monologue differently and it helped drive me thru the rest of the play.  I felt a little safer with Dave cutting loose in the drunk scene and that helped propel me to the end.  I was exhausted... but that really good exhausted.  Like you worked out hard and you know it's all gonna pay off.  Man am I looking forward to the pay off.