We are at that part of the production where every aspect of the show still has something unfinished.  Missing still two pieces of music, a few props, can't locate the right desk yet, a couple of costumes... you get the idea.   Yes, I know we still have a little over a month to go... but it will be opening night by the time I turn around.

Breathe.  It's so funny... you set yourself on a course, you think you have a clear straight direct path to reach the end, and tradewinds blow you left and right.  You keep adjusting to get back on course and you just hope the adjustments have not overshot the course in the other direction.

Man I use a lot of analogies when I write.  What am I trying to say... I'm trying to say we still have a lot in front of us and I don't feel like I can move fast enough to get it all done in time to my own satisfaction.  I am a perfectionist.  And I am afraid if we open and I have not reached my vision of what this production should look like, and how it should impact the audience I will feel like I have let everyone down, and I will have failed.  There.  I said it.  I'm scared.  Now I will go spin some more plates. I'll be fine.