If the audience cannot hear you, it doesn't matter how good you are doing on stage .  Actors have all experienced that moment in the middle of a scene when you hear an audience member speak the dreaded words, "What did they say?"  What you want to do is break character, turn to the audience member and repeat your line directly to them... but you don't.  But it always sounds so cool in your head to do that!!  Instead, you just hope the guy sitting next to them heard what you said and repeats it.

At yesterday's rehearsal we have begun working on vocal projection since the theater we are working in will not be miked.  Note to "hard of hearing audience members" sit closer to the front.

Since speaking loudly is not a natural event for the four of us, it was pretty funny to watch the reactions when we were working.  It's hard work to try to have a private moment when your mind tells you that you are yelling.  But this is what training, vocal exercises, and rehearsals are for.  And I made everyone pinky swear they will NOT turn to the audience and repeat their lines.