So I'm looking at my Facebook newsfeed last night as I'm unwinding from my day, dissipating all of the energy I've amplified, and getting ready to go to sleep, when I see a post from one of my good friends.  She has challenged me to post a picture of one of my art quilts each day for seven days and to challenge someone else to do the same.  Yeah, sure.  All of our friends have already been challenged by someone else, so what am I supposed to do, start going through the phone book and challenging people I don't even know??? 

I'm TRYING to get organized here.  I've got potential costumes for "Chapter Two" hanging off every available space in my closet, potential shoes for those costumes all over the closet floor, potential hats and purses under foot, a plastic container that is packed with potential necklaces, earrings and art quilting studio that looks like someone tipped it upside down and shook it......a hamper full of dirty clothes......dust bunnies......a dirty car.....I'm out of yogurt for breakfast......I need to design four art quilts for my international art quilting group AND design and order business cards for the group......I need to work on an art quilt for the Art Quilts XXI show in Chandler this fall.....I have to take my car in for service and a recall repair......QUIET!  I'M TRYING TO CONCENTRATE HERE!.....The various Sun City Grand clubs to which I belong expect me to log in ungodly hours of volunteering in order to keep my name on their membership roles......I'm supposed to walk for an hour with my scenemates (actually this sounds kind of fun) to work on learning our lines.....I need to drive to the bowels of Glendale tomorrow to pick up my sewing machine which was having it's annual service.....West Valley Arts Council wants me to be a roster artist and I can't get their online application to work.....I need to go to the American Quilters Society quilt show in downtown Phoenix sometime next week and again on the following Sunday afternoon to pick up my quilt which is being shown there (big honor--no problem) and that same quilt and one other quilt have to be prepared and delivered to the Arizona Quilters Guild show the first week in March......we're going to a play next Saturday night......what are we going to have for dinner on Superbowl Sunday??? Seahawks aren't playing so I'm just watching to see the commercials.......Democratic debate tonight? shoot, missed what quilts am I going to post on computer is so sluggish it takes five minutes just to get Facebook to magically appear before my eyes......gotta get up early tomorrow morning to walk Whitney (which is always a pleasure and something I never take for granted)......should I wash my hair or wait till Saturday?......shoot, I didn't get anything for dinner at the grocery store......maybe I'll just make art instead.....I can run my lines while I cut out little tiny pieces of fabric and sew them together.....watched Chelsea Handler tonight on Netflix talking about multi-tasking--not good for the brain.

Now, why was I looking forward to quitting my "day job" in Seattle and moving to Arizona to "retire"?

Oh, yes, the PLAY!  We rehearsed this afternoon.  I'm supposed to keep moving throughout my scenes.


Faye Medwick ;-)