I like to get up early. It's quiet. I can think.  But I really like the way the air feels and the way quiet sounds.  It's at this time of day I feel the most connective to my creative self.  Vivid color images of the play will pop in my mind and I just have to pluck them out and put them to paper.  Sometimes it feels like cheating because it seems too simple.  

Then there are the moments during the day when everything seems so loud that I can't distinguish one inane thought from another.  I hate when I'm in that space. 

I'm starting to focus on what I need to do before I go onstage to start a performance so I can get closer to the first paragraph I wrote rather than the second.  Sure, I could have said we would perform at 4:30 in the morning, but I don't think we would have much of an audience.

We are all 95% off book...meaning we know the lines of the play.  Yeah, we keep reaching back for the right order of the "Neil Simon" words, or thoughts, or phrases.. but I feel safe saying that....Judy can vouch for that...She sits there with the script and pencil. 

And now we are entering that creative space where your mind takes the lines, the character that is evolving, mixes it up with your own personal life and you find it hard to stay balanced.  I find myself getting lost in thought, mixing up the silverware when I go to put it away, finding myself hyper-emotional (that killed one relationship once), hearing music on a different level, wanting to talk to EVERYBODY.  I'm just trying to stay in the "process" of moving forward to opening night.  I'm just trying to reach for the creative moments.  Thank God for the quiet.