Yesterday, I was reviewing potential costumes with Steve and Frances.  I think they had everything from their closet and drawers spread out on their king size bed and the double clothes rack... Just like Dave had done the week before, and he had just as many clothes.  Men are just as much into clothes as cannot fool me.    Anyway, nobody was going to sleep until we made some decisions and they put stuff away.  Note - I did not stay and help anyone put clothes away.  I barely do that at my house.  

I kept Steve and Frances trying on clothes, shoes, belts, jackets, hats.  Then taking them off and re-arranging. Whitney the dog lost interest pretty quickly.  Unfortunately, I'm a visual person,  if I don't literally SEE it, then I can't picture it.  Funny considering how I see so much of this play at night in my dreams.  Anyway, we finished with Steve and Frances and we determined our shopping list and our alterations list.   We did Dave's costumes about a week ago, and mine are about half way there.  By the time I get done raiding Judy Muller's closet we are going to need another theater space just for the costumes.  I think CHAPTER TWO needs to buy two shirts and a belt and that's it to round out the costumes.  At least the costume budget isn't getting a work out....  dry cleaning will.

And of those 2,793 props... we are fortunate enough that 3 of them repeat during the show.  Two people said they would help us backstage.  I'm not sure I have the nerve to tell them yet what they are getting themselves in for.

Thank God we only have one set and it doesn't change. Otherwise Theater Works may never let us back in the space. 

Okay Judy... here I come.